Realtor/Broker Associate

Anna Parker

Anna Parker, Realtor/Broker Associate

I grew up in Mississippi and since getting married in 2007, my husband and I have lived in Florida, Texas, & North Carolina, while spending time in Louisiana along the way… (if you ask me, I *might* give you my shrimp & grits recipe).

During our years in the southeast, we were always on the move as my husband worked for a large disaster response company. I’m very thankful that I haven’t had to evacuate due to a hurricane in the last 10 years! Even when we were working on a path to move out west, real estate was always on my mind. As we raised two boys, (now three) we did move alot! We bought and rented many times during that time of our life. If there’s one thing I can vouch for, moving pregnant isn’t fun! A move can be much less stressful if you have a realtor who’s on top of things. I think that’s crucial and we didn’t always have that.

Upon moving to Colorado in 2012, we purchased two indoor climbing gyms & while I love the amazing climbing community and will still be involved, I decided I wanted to finally take my turn at real estate. I understand that buying/selling a home or renting a property etc. can be scary and anxiety provoking, especially if you don’t have an agent who is truly there for you. I’ve been through it myself and I would like to upgrade that experience! While it is often the largest investment in many peoples lives, I do believe it is also such an exciting and memorable experience! It’s a plus when you can look back and say… “that went well.”

I aim to help clients navigate through that as least stressful as possible and have fun while we’re at it! When I’m not working, I’m on the go with my boys and all their activities. I love to mountain bike and go off-roading! And I won’t shut up if you ask me about a good trail to try. I also dabble in jewelry design on the side and I’m always up for tacos & margaritas! Even if we don’t work together, I’m happy to entertain your Colorado questions, especially if it involves things to do and see and where you might want to LIVE!

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