Realtor, Broker Associate

Arjun Gosal

Arjun Gosal, Realtor, Broker Associate

Armed with exceptional communication and interpersonal skills in establishing productive rapport at all levels, as well as a strong background in negotiating, Arjun Gosal can even do so in several languages, as he is multilingual in English, Hindi, and Punjabi!

Arjun's clients benefit not only from his high quality service backed by detailed research and understanding of the market, but also from his passion for Real Estate, sustainability, and the environment. He loves building long-lasting relationships, having a positive impact wherever he goes, and helping people achieve their highest potential.

Well-travelled + well-read, Arjun can have conversations on any topic ranging from agriculture, to mathematics, to blackholes and the universe, and everything in between...including learning about people and their perspective in life. Get in touch with Arjun to get some great reading recommendations, travel tips and destinations, ideas on becoming fearless in the pursuit of your ideal life, AND for all your real estate needs!

Office Phone Number: 303-907-6708

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