Realtor, Broker Associate

Caitlin Carow

Caitlin Carow, Realtor, Broker Associate

Born in Chapel Hill, NC, I was raised in Dallas, TX and Upstate NY. I lived and worked in New York City, Portland, OR, Tokyo, Japan, and Austin, TX in the tech industry (e-commerce, ed-tech, and more) as an HR and People Operations leader. Needless to say, I enjoy travel, change, and meeting new people! I settled in Denver, CO with my husband, Dan, whom I met in 2018 at the Telluride Bluegrass Festival. Dan and I bonded over our love of travel and REAL ESTATE. So, I left Austin to become a Denver-ite!

Together, Dan and I own three homes - two in Denver and one in Austin. I have loved everything about being a homeowner and investor - the property search, investment planning, negotiating and managing transactions, landlord responsibilities, refinancing - you name it. Also, I firmly believe in real estate as a proven means to BUILD WEALTH. And, I don't just mean "build wealth" as in becoming filthy rich, though I absolutely believe that's possible... I mean "build wealth" as in securing your financial future.

When I'm not combing the market for solid investment opportunities, the "right" homes for my clients, or working on renovations at one of our investment properties (we do a LOT of our own work), I'm practicing or teaching yoga, loving on our two young cats, riding motorcycles, exploring the rockies, adventuring with our vintage camper, skiing, or playing Small World or Scrabble with friends!

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