Realtor, Broker Associate

Kathleen Barlow

Kathleen Barlow, Realtor, Broker Associate

Kathleen Barlow has lived in Colorado since early-childhood after spending a few years as an army brat. She learned the Real Estate business early by following along as her father built homes and invested in real estate in Colorado Springs, tagging along on tasks and fostering a passion for homes and the people who live in them. Kathleen moved to Denver to attend the University of Denver, earning a BA in European History, and after several years working in non-profits, she went back to earn a MAMaster's in American History, focused on historic preservation and architectural styles. As well as being an educator + writer, Kathleen is passionate about helping people find the the best property for their needs...and when she's not doing that, you'll find her enjoying dogs, gardening, sunny patios, hiking though quiet forests, laughing loudly with friends, and helping others achieve their dreams and goals.


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