Realtor/Broker Associate

Madison Hopkins

Madison Hopkins, Realtor/Broker Associate

First and foremost, I'm a certified Green Realtor® in the Denver Metro Area living in Wheat Ridge, Colorado. I love the smile on my clients face when they successfully sell or close on their home!

For most people, selling and buying a residential property is a logical investment but an emotional decision. I utilize discernment and compassion to recognize my client's emotions and navigate them through the ups and downs of the real estate roller coaster. Think of me as your home selling and buying guide, here to help you make the decision that is right for you all while negotiating for your absolute best price and outcome!

As my clients are often interested in buying a home to create passive income through roommates or short term rentals, I stay up to date and educated on the latest rules and regulations for mom-and-pop landlords.

Lastly, I am deeply passionate about sustainability (i.e. the longevity of our Earth's beautiful environment and living respectfully on this planet).

In order to help educate homeowners on how to incorporate sustainability into their lives, I created my own podcast, Eco-Friendly Homes!

EFH podcast guides homeowners and renters on what steps to take to reduce their home's carbon emissions, enhance their at home wellness, incorporate biophilia, and save money!

Let's find a time to meet and grab a coffee or tea.

Office Phone Number: 318-355-1115

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