Realtor, Broker Associate

Mary Hostetter

Mary Hostetter, Realtor, Broker Associate

I have a passion for creating a world where good homes are one of the foundations of what we are about. To this end I am in service to helping others find their “home”  or sell their home and make space for life’s next chapter.  Building homes from scratch as well as redesigning homes with my hubby, Ross, I have learned what makes a home work to support the growth of each person and the good of the whole.  With a career in finance early on, I am also well versed in making real estate work for financial investment purposes.  I love helping investors find good properties for rental or fix and flip purposes. In the past 20 years I have helped start several non-profits involving reconditioning land and buildings:

I have created Well Homes as a resource to connect people to sustainable design, eco elements, and wellness practices that support life’s journey. Growing oneself and a family in today’s chaotic world requires many skills. As a culture, we can no longer follow the old paradigm of consumer consumption with no understanding for the costs. Our homes reflect our deepest values and when we understand how to create healthy homes that shield from toxins, EMFs, media overload, negative emotional patterns, and stress overload, we serve the whole neighborhood by modeling new ways to live.  I have a B.A. in American Studies from Smith College, where I also was an All American athlete in cross country. I have been a Vice President in Public Finance on Wall Street. And while raising my three kids, I have been in the wellness and human development profession as a coach and energy healer. I grew up in a family of 12 children and have built in values of team work and cooperation.

I am a community networker who cares about creating good neighborhoods and homes for my family and yours. For 35 years I have volunteered in schools, churches, human development centers, arts programs, social service places, nature and retreat centers. Giving back to the community is important to me.

Office Phone Number: 303-854-7751

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