Realtor, Broker Associate

Shawntel Techaira

Shawntel Techaira, Realtor, Broker Associate

Shawntel Techaira was born in California and was raised on the beautiful tropical island of Guam. Growing up on Guam in the CHamoru culture taught her Inafa’ maolek which means to make good and to look out for everyone’s well being.

Passionate about real estate, she started her real estate career over a decade ago during the Great Recession of 2009, coming into the business during a difficult time helped hone her skills as a problem solver. Dedicating over a decade to helping people from all over the world make real estate decisions and find the place that speaks to them. Experience in finance, property management, and diverse real estate investments has provided her with a well rounded understanding of real estate.

An avid traveler, explorer, and nature lover she fell in love with Denver during a visit in 2017 and decided to embark on a Rocky Mountain Adventure moving to Colorado in 2019.

She is happy to help during every stage of the real estate process.

Office Phone Number: 720-646-8503

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