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The West + Main Homes Team includes some of the most passionate and knowledgeable Realtors in Colorado. Whether you are looking to sell, buy, or both, our agents are well equipped to help you with whatever you might need. 

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Realtor, Broker Associate

Cyndi Adams

Cyndi is rooted deeply in Colorado. Her great grandparents had a farm w…

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Realtor, Broker Associate

Jill Adams

I love to introduce people to my city. I love it’s character and …

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Realtor, Broker Associate

Jenelle Arthur

I grew up in western New Jersey and came to Colorado to study at Colorad…

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Realtor, Broker Associate

Lakisha Banks

About Me: Lakisha Banks is a Broker who specializes in working with B…

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Realtor, Broker Associate

Kathleen Barlow

Kathleen Barlow has lived in Colorado since early-childhood after spendi…

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Realtor, Broker Associate

Bianca Barnes

Bianca combines her passion for people, creative energy, and attention …

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Realtor, Broker Associate

Melissa Birmingham

I am originally from Long Island, New York, and moved to Colorado as a …

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Realtor, Broker Associate

Kristen Borga

I find great joy in serving my clients by effectively making their resi…

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Realtor, Broker Associate

Aimee Brayman

Few people can say they have a passion and love for what they do and I a…

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Realtor, Broker Associate

Chip Bridges

In 2002, I graduated from the University of New Hampshire with a bachelo…

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Realtor, Broker Associate

Janice Brunett

Second generation Colorado native Janice Brunett is also a third genera…

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Realtor, Broker Associate

Sarah Bryant

With hometown values and a love for urban life, Sarah's passion for real…

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Realtor, Broker Associate

Bethany Buchanan

Bethany is a born-and-bred Colorado native who hails from the mountain t…

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Realtor, Broker Associate

Kendra Buck

Raised in Colorado, Kendra Buck LOVES both traveling and the outdoors, a…

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Realtor, Broker Associate

Nick Buffington

Originally from Iowa, Nick Buffington has lived in Colorado since 1990 a…

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Realtor, Broker Associate

Maria Burbano

Find out more about Maria soon!

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