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Nicholas DiPasquale

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Nicholas DiPasquale

Living through the housing boom in Austin in the early 2010s opened my eyes to real estate and the impact it can have on families and communities. I saw how those positioned to take advantage of the upturn benefited just as I saw the hardships and lost opportunity for those not equally prepared. 

Ever since then, I’ve had a passion for real estate and learned everything I possibly could. Finally, in the summer of 2019, I took more decisive action when I left the corporate world to chase that passion. I understand the intimidation people feel when buying or selling their home and I made it my goal to help guide as many people through that process -- to demystify and simplify it. I take great care to break down each step, explaining expectations and possible outcomes, and arming my clients with the confidence to navigate the twists and turns.

After moving around most of my life (10 states and overseas!), I settled down in Colorado in early 2018, and understand why so many people have fallen in love with this state. I fell in love with Denver and through my own exploration and curiosity, developed a deep knowledge of the Greater Denver area, the city’s various neighborhoods, and its highrises. I am just as excited to help you find a great dog park or the best cupcake as I am to share the history of condo development around the city.

To me, real estate is more than a single transaction; it is about a long-lasting and trusted partnership… like family. Whether you are looking for that first home, upgrading to your next home, or adding another one to your investment portfolio, I look forward to getting to know you and helping you along in your journey.

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