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Nicholas DiPasquale

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Nicholas DiPasquale

Nicholas knows firsthand the experiences of uprooting and starting fresh in a new city as well as buying and selling his own home -- he has lived in 10 states and overseas. He also understands why so many people have fallen in love with Colorado, which is why he settled here in early 2018.

Growing up in Boston, Nicholas was drawn to real estate as a teenager when his uncles brought him along to help with rehabs and builds. This coincided with the dot com boom, which pulled him towards technology when it came time for college. Nicholas holds a Computer Systems Engineering degree from Boston University and co-founded a data analytics startup before entering the corporate world.

Nicholas has had some great experiences -- from managing a data center in Malaysia to overseeing media prep for international broadcast -- yet his true passion was always real estate. Now he devotes his time to helping others by combining that passion with the knowledge he has picked up along the way.

In his down time, you can find Nicholas exploring local neighborhoods, or buried in a real estate book, podcast or at an investor meetup. He enjoys pilates, soccer, writing, cooking, and any quality time with family + friends. When he travels, it is a safe bet you will find him on a beach somewhere, in sync with the ocean.

In the real estate market, as with anything in life, we have a far greater chance for success with strong, trusting relationships. Nicholas knows real estate is more than a single transaction; it is about a long lasting partnership. Whether you are new to Colorado or have been here your whole life… looking for that first home or adding another one to your investment portfolio, Nicholas looks forward to getting to know you and helping you along in your journey.

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