Should You Get a No-Fee Loan?

“No-cost” and “no-fee” loans: you likely see promotions for them all around. Are these loans the real deal, and should you consider one if you’re looking to buy a house or refinance?

The answer is not such a simple one. While there are loans that technically offer no upfront fees, these loans are often misrepresented, and banking regulators have gone after lenders who misrepresent these loans.

While they may sound great at first, the reality is that no-cost and no-fee loans may actually cost the borrower more over the long term because costs are often hidden by rolling them into the new loan through higher principal or interest.

The rates on no-cost loans are usually about 1/2 or 5/8 of a percentage point higher than the…

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Custom Colorado Modern Farmhouse Available at Pre-Construction Pricing

Located just blocks from great shops + restaurants in popular Edgewater, as well as the recreational opportunities at the recently improved Sloan's Lake Park, This home was designed to combine the history of this special neighborhood with its thriving future. Classic farmhouse architectural features receive a modern re-make with vertical siding and dark roof, windows, trim, pitched rooflines and dormer windows. This custom home will be filled with thoughtful upgrades, and also offers its future owners the opportunity to choose finishes and features when purchased during the pre-construction phase.

The open floorplan, high ceilings and plentiful windows will create spaces…

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Saving for a Down Payment

We get a lot of questions about Down Payments, because loan requirements are always changing, programs that help with Down Payments come and go, and it's hard for the average homebuyer to keep up with it all! We always recommend starting your home search by having an in-depth conversation with a great lending professional...someone who will give you the straight scoop on the best strategies for paying for your new place - and it might not even involve a huge Down Payment! 

But, just in case it does, here is a great list from Forbes of 10 ways to save for a Down Payment. We hope you find it useful, but of course if you have any questions, or want a recommendation for some of our preferred lenders, just let us know.


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For years now we have been struggling in Colorado with a lack of condo inventory, in part due to litigation which allowed almost unlimited litigation against condominium developers.

It looks like we might get some new inventory in the next few years, thanks to an act by Colorado's representatives!

From the Denver Business Journal:

The Colorado House of Representatives did Monday what would have been unthinkable just one week ago — it passed a construction-defects reform bill aimed at spurring condominium construction by a unanimous vote.

Five days after business and legislative leaders announced a compromise to end four years of feuding over similar measures, not a single member of the House disagreed with the deal laid out in House Bill…

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New construction is popping up all over the Denver Metro area, and we at West + Main Homes make it one of our top priorities to know as much as possible about every new construction project and development that is being built or will be breaking ground soon.

We're excited to hear about three special new developments that are upcoming and will truly change the neighborhoods that they are located in...and you're invited to join us!

Susan Chong will be sharing information regarding The Coloradoan, an important condominium development in the Union Station neighborhood. See information about The Coloradoan and check out the official website for the development. Susan will have renderings, floorplan and finish details and reservation process details…

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Our friends over at 5280 Magazine recently posted this interview regarding 5 factors that you should consider when deciding whether to LOVE or LIST your Colorado property. If you are wondering whether NOW is the time to sell your Denver area home, let's talk it out! 

Denver Metro Association of Realtors’ recent report of a record-low number of active listings for single-family homes and condos (only 3,878 properties were available in February 2017), paired with (slowly) rising interest rates has many Denver homeowners wondering if it’s time to list their homes before buyers get scared—or forced—out of the market by higher mortgages. And let’s face it: Stories of bidding wars, double-digit appreciation, and cash offers make it a tempting prospect.…

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Why should you pay property taxes?

Taxes. This word may send a shiver down the spine of even the most fearless among us. Homeowners, who already spend a great deal of their income on their mortgage and home maintenance, may wonder why they have to pay that pesky property tax as well—especially those in states with extremely high property taxes.

So why do you have to pay property taxes, and how does your state come up with what you owe?

Property taxes are assessed by city and county governments to generate the bulk of their operating revenues. The taxes help pay for such public services as schools, libraries, roads, and police protection.

Property tax revaluations are often performed periodically, although the time interval varies from state…

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Arbor Day Tree Sale  

We're big fans of The Park People, so we wanted to pass along the information for their Annual Arbor Day Tree Sale, which is happening this Saturday!

The Park People works to preserve, enhance, and advocate for Denver's parks, recreation resources, open space and urban forest. They pursue this mission by raising private funds for capital projects of various sizes, parks enhancements, and through their programs: Denver Digs TreesMile High Tree ChampionsCommunity Forester and the Park Legacy programs.

What: Fruit and Yard Tree Sale Plant a tree in your yard to add color, shade, or edibles to your landscape...     When: Sat, April 15th noon-2pm    Where:  City Park Greenhouse - 2500 E…

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West + Main Homes is proud to partner with Blue Spruce Constructors and Taylor'd Urban Properties to exclusively list this stunning modern farmhouse.

Fully custom home on a large lot just west of Edgewater. Just a few blocks to Edgewater's shopping + restaurants, as well as Sloan Lake and light rail. 

Please contact Doug Sutton for more information.


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Compared to February, March saw significant increases in active and new listings, as well as homes sold and under contract. Sales volume increased 44.42 percent compared to the month prior and 9.73 percent year over year, to reach over $1.85 billion last month. 

“The spring selling season in our housing market experienced some of its own March Madness,” said Steve Danyliw, Chairman of the DMAR Market Trends Committee and Denver real estate agent. “Homebuyers and sellers will be happy by the healthy increase in activity.” 

March is historically the start of metro Denver’s housing cycle that then peaks in June.

“The current housing activity may be the catalyst to a record-setting year,” added Danyliw. “First, the average sold price and…

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