What should we do with all of those leaves once they’ve fallen? There are plenty of ways to put them to good use so they aren’t just dumped into a garbage bag and sent to the landfill.

Don't rake them, mow them.
One of the easiest ways to deal with leaves on your lawn is to put them to work feeding the soil.  A thick layer of leaves can pack down and smother your grass.  Before they’re weighed down and soggy with snow, just mow the leaves! Even if it takes a couple of passes with the mower, well-shredded leaves are a great way and an easy way to feed the microorganisms that feed your soil that feeds your grass.

Put the leaves to work on your garden beds.
Fully-decomposed compost can be added in the spring, but materials that haven’t decomposed, like our…

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To keep your house in tiptop condition, consider making these updates every 10 years or so.

1) Get new carpet

The average medium-grade carpet has a life expectancy of approximately 10 years.  Signs that you need to replace your carpet: rips, tears or stains, and odors that remain even after a good cleaning. And even without any of those, you carpet might just look old and worn out.

2) Replace hot water tank
A water heater may not show many symptoms before it leaks or fails, so it’s important to know its age. If the manufacture date isn't shown, then it may be embedded in the serial number on the tank. A good rule of thumb: Any tank that’s been around for 10 years or more is a candidate for replacement.

3) Update ceiling fans
A midrange ceiling…

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Stunning ranch in the popular Friendly Hills neighborhood of Morrison. You'll love this updated home with large yard backing to open space with amazing mountain views.

Enjoy cooking in the newer kitchen, overlooking the backyard and dining room, then head out the sliding doors to dine in the oversized yard while kids and dogs run around. Pick some mint from the raised garden beds for your favorite drink and put your feet up while the sun sets over the mountains. With three large bedrooms, hardwoods throughout and an updated bathroom, this home is truly move in ready. And with an oversized, insulated 2 car garage, plenty of room for your cars and all your toys to live the perfect Colorado lifestyle. With miles of trails out your front door & an…

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Last year, my daughter entered kindergarten in Denver Public Schools. It was a great experience for all of us and also very eye opening. I have to admit, I was shocked at how many kids were on a free or reduced lunch plan. It was even more alarming how many kids relied on those lunches as their main meal of the day. My daughter's teacher frequently asked for snack donations from anyone that was willing and able. Those snack donations were often shuffled into certain backpacks to take home at the end of each day because she knew those would become dinner (and sometimes breakfast) for some of her students.  So when I to sat down with my friend Anne Jones the other day, and heard about an amazing program she started in Tacoma, Washington called…

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Moving forces you to go through each and every thing you own. Sometimes nostalgia plays more of a role than practicality, but here are some things you can think about when deciding what to toss and what to box up.

Despite any pain it may cause you, it's important to get rid of anything you truly don't need. Not only will it help you avoid clutter, but it can actually make it easier and cheaper to move.

If you are upsizing, you probably have more room for clutter. Taking into consideration the garage size, and overall storage space in the house will help you determine what you can take with you. If you are downsizing, you know you will have to do some cleaning out, and this is a good opportunity to start fresh in your new space.

3 Simple…

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Thank you to everyone who joined us at our first annual West + Main Homes Octoberfest!

Check out more beautiful photos from Octoberfest on our Facebook Page! 

Looking for another awesome West + Main Homes event? Join us at the Grand Opening of our downtown office!

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If you're spending money on candy...you might as well buy what the kids want. Here is the most popular candy in your area.

It's expected that $2.7 billion will be spent on trick-or-treat candy this year. We figure if you're spending that much, you might as well get it right. To help you choose the right candy for your area, Candystore.com made this map of the Most Popular Halloween Candy by state. 
In Colorado, the top three candies are Milky Way, Twix, and Hershey's Kisses.

The Teal Pumpkin Project

On the topic of halloween candy...be sure to check out the Teal Pumpkin Project. The Teal Pumpkin Project works to raise awareness of food allergies and promoting inclusion of all trick-or-treaters throughout the Halloween season. 

The Teal Pumpkin Project™…

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Now is the time to work on your lawn to make sure it is on point next season. Here are five things you can do to completely transform your lawn.

1) Shorter isn't necessarily better
If you set your lawn mower to cut your grass too short, you risk exposing the base of the plants to excess drying from the sun.  The taller grass blades shade both the plants and the soil.

2) Core aeration is your best friend
Colorado soils are routinely heavy and compacted.  A deep core aeration can be especially helpful in opening up those soils.  Getting your lawn aerated in the spring AND fall allows water and air to penetrate, which plants love!

3) Fertilize

The openings left by the core aeration set up excellent conditions to feed your lawn and your soil. Experts…

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Having Amazon as a neighbor will result in very different benefits and consequences for homeowners and renters.

Amazon announced in September that it would accept competing proposals from cities across the country as it decides the location of a second headquarters. The tech and retail giant set certain limitations for where it would consider: Only metro areas with at least 1 million people are eligible, and they must have an international airport with nonstop flights to Seattle.

Wherever Amazon decides to put its second home, housing prices will likely skyrocket. Since Amazon solidified its presence in Seattle’s South Union neighborhood seven years ago, home prices in the city have jumped by well over 50%. 

And because HQ2 is likely to lure…

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Heading to First Friday? Check out our West + Main Downtown Grand Opening, as well as our featured artists.

We are pleased to showcase Abstract Inspiration, a collection of beautiful modern paintings by Tim Mooney and Nicole Korbe. Read more about the artists below.

About the Artists

Tim Mooney, Artist, Backyard on Blake
"I am a self-taught artist. My abstract paintings are an expression of human life. We are many selves with polyvalent desires and longings, constantly morphing, coming together, being deconstructed, but with enough internal cohesion to have a sense of self-identity. Look close enough, and you might reognize a friend - yourself, and the world."

Nicole Korbe, Artist, Backyard on Blake
"I grew up in the desert of northwest New Mexico and…

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