Don’t miss out on this affordable, ground level 2 bed/1 bath condo in a quiet Westminster neighborhood.

A little TLC will make this a wonderful starter home or investor opportunity; the price is adjusted accordingly.  The spacious kitchen features a window and a breakfast bar. Step out on the recently renovated deck and enjoy a beverage while you appreciate the privacy of the greenway. The gated deck makes a perfect outside retreat for playing in the large, fenced yard. Stay in on chilly nights and keep warm in front of the cozy, wood fireplace.Closets throughout the unit provide plenty of storage space! Oversized master bedroom boasts tons of closet space, view of the greenway, and easy access to laundry & bathroom. Centrally located with easy…

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Fashion girls swoon for the 2019 style forecast. But for us home-obsessed, it's all about trends for interiors.

Which is why Etsy's 2019 Trends Report piqued our interest. The e-tailer scoured through their search and purchase data and determined that 2019 will be all about warm, rusty oranges across textiles paint, and accessories. "We’re calling it now: burnt orange is about to be everywhere," says Etsy trend expert, Dayna Isom Johnson. "While millennial pink and ultraviolet are still having their respective moments, I’m excited to see this earthy tone take over...This desert-inspired hue is grounding (yet refreshing) and unapologetically natural—exactly what we need in 2019!"

Orange can be a controversial color (hello,…

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Colorado cracked the nation's top 10 in population growth over the past year, according to the latest U.S. Census Bureau figures. 

Those estimates, released on Wednesday, show that Colorado's population grew 1.4% in the one-year time span from July 1, 2017, to the same date in 2018, landing the Centennial State's growth rate at No. 7 among the county's 50 states, Washington, D.C., and Puerto Rico. 

Colorado grew by 79,662 residents since last year.

The nation as a whole grew in population by 0.6 percent to 327.2 million people, its slowest pace in more than 80 years, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Nine states in addition to…

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It shouldn't be any surprise that new homes are bigger than they used to be. But it may be a bit of a shock to learn just how much space we take up compared with roughly 40 years ago.

The median size of a new, single-family home sold in 2017 was 2,457 square feet, with a median sale price of $323,100, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. Compare that to 1978, when the median size of a new home was just 1,655 square feet with a median sale price of $55,700.

Houses are getting bigger overall, but that doesn’t mean a larger house is right for you.

“Fit is super important and people get complacent, and they don’t think about if their home is still fitting them,” says Marni Jameson, a home and lifestyle expert and author of…

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Colorado's professionals have earned many accolades over the years, but "most likely to work in pajamas" had never been one of them, until now.

According to an analysis of 2017 U.S. Census data by online life insurance agency Haven Life, Colorado was number one state for work-at-home employees. The City of Boulder came in as the city with the third-highest percentage of home-based workers nationwide.

Across the state, just over 8 percent of adults work from home, compared to a nationwide average of 5.2 percent. Remote workers are most likely to be employed in professional, technical, or scientific services, according to the data.

Remote workers are also more plentiful in highly educated and highly affluent communities. Boulder, where in 2017,…

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Unique opportunity!

Commercial Property - Main Level: Youth Sanctuary Main Sanctuary 3 Bathrooms (1 Handicap Accessible) Café/Book Store,  5+ Offices Food Storage Regular Storage 70+ Parking Spaces Lower Level: 2 Bathrooms Kids Sanctuary Kitchen Cafeteria Storage 5+ Offices Utility Room 2 Boiler Rooms, The main floor was listed as 11,610 SF and the basement was listed as 8,280 SF for a total of 19,890 SF. The 1.96 acre lot is 85,377.6 SF.

Listed by Esperanza Wardroup + Marcum Commercial. Please contact Esperanza or Marcum Commercial for current pricing + availability.

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Could nurturing your green thumb help you live to 100?

There are some obvious factors that lead to longevity- diet, exercise, social life, etc. But this could be one more unexpected element.

Dan Buettner has studied five places around the world where residents are famed for their longevity: Okinawa in Japan, Nicoya in Costa Rica, Icaria in Greece, and Loma Linda in California and Sardinia in Italy.

People living in these so-called “blue zones” have certain factors in common – social support networks, daily exercise habits and a plant-based diet, for starters. But they share another unexpected commonality. In each community, people are gardening well into old age – their 80s, 90s and beyond.

It is well-known that an outdoor lifestyle with…

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It's no secret that the team at West + Main Homes is passionate about life in the Denver Metro area. Our agents live all over the city and in the nearby suburbs. Many of us grew up here, and the rest of us got here as fast as we could.

But, Denver is quickly growing + changing, and we understand that it might not be a perfect fit for you and your family as both housing cost increases and population growth show no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

So, if you're thinking about cashing in on your home's equity and moving to a smaller Colorado town, up to the mountains, or even out of State, we are here to help. From preparing and listing your local home for sale, to introducing you to a great Realtor…

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2018 was clearly a Seller’s Market in nationwide residential real estate.

Supply has been low and housing starts are down 1.4 percent year-over-year, which has lead to increasing home prices and a reduction in the total number of homes sold.

Overall, total revenue has remained flat: Fewer sales were made, but the sales that were made came at higher price points.

So, what is in store for the year ahead? 

What is the housing market doing now?

New residential home sales dropped 8.9 percent in October, falling to a new two-year low, according to a new residential sales report released Wednesday by the U.S. Census Bureau and the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

Scars from the housing market crash a decade ago…

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You thought 'hygge' was hard to pronounce? Good luck with this one.

The Danish lifestyle craze of hygge took the world by storm in 2016. And in the years since? Well, it feels like every cold, dark country (see: Sweden with lagom, Scotland with còsagach) is trying to rebrand their crappy weather as a lifestyle trend. 

Cwch, as described by PureWow, basically is hygge, but more specifically for your home. 

A cwtch (pronunciation: kutch) is in essence a small and cozy space meant for cuddling up in. (The Welsh root of the word is 'cubbyhole'.) Think: A den corner turned cushy-cozy reading nook; a canopy bed piled in exorbitant amounts of pillows). Applied in the broader sense, it's really just the art of crafting intimacy-invoking,…

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