Will you ever be able to ride the light rail from Wheat Ridge and Arvada to Union Station? Ever? Ever, ever?

The good news is that the G Line just jumped through one of the few remaining flaming hoops to get real people on that dang train. The Federal Railroad Administration gave the green light to let RTD start final testing. All that's left is getting Colorado PUC's approval to test the crossings, and what could go wrong with the crossings? (Cough, cough, A Line, cough, cough)

Ultimately, don't expect to ride the G Line until 2018. RTD is hoping that will be early 2018, but that all depends upon how the testing goes. 

For more details, click here and proudly get your light rail geek on. If you want to live close to the G Line when it eventually starts…

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Even though apartments are being built across the Denver Metro, demand is still higher than supply

Finding it hard to find a colorado rental? You're not alone.

All of the cranes you're seeing around town still aren't enough. Despite the fact that about 500 new apartments are being built every two weeks in metro Denver, rents are up, vacancy is down and there's no sign of that trend changing any time soon.

The just-released Denver Metro Apartment Vacancy and Rent report for the second quarter of 2017 shows the average rent rose to $1,419.74/month, a gain of almost $37. The vacancy rate dropped from 5.7% to 5.0%.   In the first six months of 2017, 9,012 net apartment units have been filled. That number was 11,056 for all of last year.…

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