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Elitch Gardens opened at its downtown Denver location on a cool May day in 1995, after seven years of planning and 11 months of construction.

Leaders at the time wanted to give the historic amusement park more room to expand than the center’s former home near West 38th Avenue and Tennyson Street in West Highland allowed. Two decades later, city officials are planning what to do with all the extra land around Elitch Gardens and Theme Park. (via Denverite)

 First, a little history:

The original Elitch Gardens opened its gates to the public in 1890 after John and Mary Elitch turned their farm on the outskirts of Denver into a green oasis and zoological park to enjoy, according to a history compiled by Elitch Gardens Theme and Water Park.


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Homeowners are now using rental income earned through Airbnb to refinance their mortgages.

It's a pilot program launched just a few weeks ago that took off quickly, and new loans are already closing.

It's another program from mortgage giant Fannie Mae designed to help more borrowers get better loans in today's tight mortgage market. Airbnb already tracks the income data and will now provide documentation for a mortgage application.

"We want to enable those borrowers to be able to refinance and lower their mortgage costs and tap into their housing equity," said Jonathan Lawless, vice president of customer solutions at Fannie Mae.

Partnering initially with three lenders, Better Mortgage, Quicken Loans and Citizens Bank, Fannie Mae allows

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Owners of starter homes across the country are gaining equity faster than other homeowners because demand for entry-level homes continues to grow faster than supply.

The phenomenon – which has become more pronounced over the past few years -- underscores the power of homeownership to build wealth, particularly among the middle class.

For this analysis, Zillow divided the U.S. housing stock into equal thirds based on value and determined the median value of the most and least valuable homes.

Over the past year, homes in the most affordable segment of the market, which are often sought after by first-time buyers, gained 8.5 percent in value, compared to a 3.6 percent gain for the most expensive homes. Over the past five years, the

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If you're a first-time buyer, looking for a mortgage can seem daunting. Where do you start, and what should you be looking for?

You can get a home loan from several different sources—a credit union, commercial bank, mortgage company, finance company, government agency, mortgage broker, and even the seller.

Note, however, that many lenders have tightened their credit standards in light of increasing foreclosures and higher delinquency rates.

Where to start? Begin your search by calling at least half a dozen lenders to inquire about the types of financing available, current rates on each loan type, loan origination fees and number of points, other loan features and their credit requirements for borrowers.

Once you actually apply for a mortgage, the

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A new survey shows that when renters buy a home, it will likely be a lifestyle change that motivates them – either getting married, starting a family or retiring. And according to one economist, as Millennial marriages and pregnancies rise in 2018, it should equal a rise in housing demand as well.

According to the Housing Opportunities and Market Experience survey from the National Association of Realtors, 32 percent of non-homeowners said a lifestyle change would be their motivation for buying a home down the line.

More marriage, more housing.

Thanks to Millennials – and this very sentiment, NAR's Chief Economist Lawrence Yun said housing demand may spike in 2018.

“Housing demand in 2018 will be fueled by more Millennials finally deciding

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Many Denver residents have never even heard of Sun Valley...have you?

Meow Wolf kicked off 2018 with plans to invest roughly $50 million just outside of Sun Valley’s borders, but the nationally acclaimed art attraction is small potatoes relative to the Denver Housing Authority’s plans for the neighborhood. Buy tickets now.

DHA anticipates kicking off construction on the first two phases of its $240 million investment in Sun Valley later this year. The real estate community is watching and some predict that the historically low-income, diverse neighborhood west of Interstate 25 will not experience quite the same transformation seen in rapidly gentrified areas of Five Points and elsewhere.

In fact, Denver Housing Authority officials talk

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SOME Denver residents, looking to make a move, are looking to move in-state, to areas with less expensive housing costs than Denver.

That's according to a new report from online real estate company Redfin, which analyzed homebuyer migration patterns from around the country.

Denver residents are looking mostly to moving to Colorado Springs (the choice of 11 percent of Denver leavers) and Fort Collins (10.6 percent), followed by Chicago (7 percent), Los Angeles (6 percent) and Phoenix (5.5 percent).

In August, Denver residents looked at Chicago more than anywhere else, including in-state cities, as a preferred destination.

On the other side, regarding people thinking of moving to Denver, the housing-expensive Bay Area was the top inflow origin

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