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There's always something fun going on in Denver! From festivals and events to concerts and meetups, get outside and enjoy everything our city has to offer!

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Focusing on environmentally-conscious living in an urban location, Urban Conversion puts Arvada on the map.

When Rodman Schley first set out to reduce his carbon footprint, he never expected that his quest to learn more about activities like green building and beekeeping would turn into a public television show.

But the more he learned, the more he wanted to share his newfound knowledge with as many people as possible.

“I didn’t know what I was doing,” he said. “It was mostly me going out and fumbling around. And I thought, `why not teach people the same thing?’”

More than six years later, Rodman and his wife, Gina, are releasing the third season of Urban Conversion. Centered around living an environmentally-conscious life in an urban

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The list of beautiful hikes in Colorado is a long one...

However, if you're looking for a hike less than 30 minutes from Denver, we've narrowed it down to our favorites.

Matthew Winters Park

Distance from Denver: 2o minutes
Location: Golden
Difficulty: Easy-Hard
Length: 0.9-6 miles
Trailhead address: 1103 County Rd 93,
Golden, CO 

Roxborough State Park

Distance from Denver: 45 minutes
Location: Littleton
Difficulty: Easy-Moderate
Length: 1.4-2.7 miles
Trailhead address: 4751 E Roxborough Dr, 
Littleton, CO 

White Ranch Park

Distance from Denver: 45 minutes
Location: Golden
Difficulty: Easy-Moderate
Length: 3.9-18.1 miles
Trailhead address: 25303 Belcher Hill Rd,
Golden, CO 

Alderfer/Three Sisters Park

Distance from Denver: 45 minutes

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U.S. News & World Report recently included three Colorado towns in its annual list of the 25 best small towns to visit in the country. 

The rankings were based on an analysis of expert and user opinions, according to the website’s methodology statement, with each destination being scored in 10 categories such as sights, culture, food, nightlife, adventure and romance.

Taking this year’s No. 1 spot is Telluride, which “woos visitors with its captivating scenery and delightful Mountain Village,” according to the report.

Additionally, the town has 2,000-plus acres of terrain, ample ski spots and 300 inches of snow with more than 200 days of sun annually. Telluride also hosts numerous festivals and cultural events, and travelers can hike,

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Louisville July First Friday : Andy Schwartz 6-9pm


Contact Info:
Facebook: (Soaring light images)

Sponsors: TBD

Artist Statement: ” I enjoy ‘capturing beauty’ around sunrise and sunset and my process to create an image, is to develop a ‘story’ that engages the viewer and moves the eye into and around the photo. My photos are meant to convey an emotion of that captured moment that I want to share with the viewer. My hope is that my viewers will make the same emotional connection to my work that I experienced

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Denver and the surrounding towns have plenty of options for full on fireworks extravaganzas.

From the explosions in the sky themselves to all of the pre-dark festival fun, we’ve laid out everything you need to make this year’s patriotic partying the best yet.

Creekside Park & Four Mile Park
Festival: July 2 at 5pm
Fireworks: 9:15pm
Kick off the holiday two days early with the first fireworks show of the summer. People pretty much line the streets for this one so get there early to claim your spot. The Whole Foods parking lot on Colorado is also a popular place to post up. Option B: Grab a $5 ticket ahead of time for the festivities at Four Mile Park, which include live music from That Damn Sasquatch, food trucks, and more.


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Some things just taste better when consumed outdoors.

These include but are not limited to grilled meats, anything green, corn still on the cob, all cone-based ice creams, crusty baguettes, canned fizzy drinks, most beers, chilled wines and also quite a few cocktails (see juleps, daiquiris and Pimm’s cups).

For those perfect Denver summer days when a cloudless morning doesn’t give way to an afternoon golfball-sized-hail storm, let there be a picnic, whether it’s in a city park surrounded by flowers and screaming kids, or in an amphitheater before a big projector screen.

Consider sitting down to a meal among nature at least once this year.

Here, we offer a handy guide to picnics around Denver. And remember, the table, cutlery and guests

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From sacred ceremonies and harvest celebrations to mass yoga gatherings and and all-night ragers at Stonehenge, the significance of the Summer Solstice throughout history is undeniable.

To this day, it remains one of the most recognized cross-cultural observances in the world. Here are six things you may not know about the Summer Solstice — and six ways to celebrate it in Colorado.

1. The Summer Solstice is the longest day of the year. In Colorado, the solstice will start at 9:54 a.m. MST on Friday, June 21, when the sun is directly over the Tropic of Cancer at 23.5 degrees north latitude.

2. The word “solstice” translates as “sun standing still.” It's derived from the Latin "sol" (sun) and "sistere" (to stand still), and refers to the point

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Looking for ways to get your pride on in Colorado this month? Here are a few ideas...

Queer in the Age of Queen
June 6, 7:00-9:00pm
Molly Brown House
"In an age ruled by repressed sexuality, take a look back at queer culture both here and in the U.S. and abroad during the reign of Queen Victoria. Learn how the Queen spoke about sexuality and how homosexual, transgender, and queer culture grew from this time."

Cultural First Friday
June 7, 5:00-9:00pm

Evolution Block Party and Beer Bust
June 9, 2:00-11:30pm
Clarkson between Colfax & 16th
"Alyssa Edwards – the Netflix Dancing Queen and RuPaul All Star headlines with Aron Abitzker – international gay DJ to bring a block party that Denver has never seen before. Andrew Christian and his trophy boys

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Memorial Day is unique in that it is not about any one person, but a group of people.

Specifically, it is about remembering those who have given their lives in military service to our nation during war.

It is understandable why we may have lost sight of that over time. During the First and Second World Wars, millions of Americans served in uniform. Our connection to the military was personal on many levels. It was our spouse, our sibling, our child, and almost no family was left untouched by loss. As time went on, so did war, but something started to happen. Wars got smaller. They were fought differently, with fewer people. Medical advances meant battlefield wounds of old were now survivable. Thus, fewer Americans were needed to join the

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After almost being taken down, Isak Heartstone has been almost completely relocated. 

Isak Heartstone, the beloved Breckenridge trail troll whose wild popularity led to its demise this past November, is close to being whole again. Danish artist Thomas Dambo has returned to bring Isak back to life after reaching an agreement with the town of Breckenridge to rebuild the 15-foot wooden sculpture on a new, different trail in a less residential part of town at Illinois Gulch.

The town previewed Isak’s unveiling to the media Friday morning. Isak is half-built, with completion expected next week. Dambo insisted on the media not taking photographs of the troll as it was being constructed, desiring the work to be seen in full only when completed. At the

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