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Preparing your Colorado home for sale before you list can help you score a higher sales price, more buyer interest and a faster sale.

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Looking for a dose of instant sunshine to help you through the winter?

This latest deal out of Italy could be just the warm jolt of vitamin D you need.

As of right now, you can buy a house on southern Italy's beautiful island of Sicily for less than the cost of an espresso.

Sambuca, a hilltop town with views over the Mediterranean island and nearby beaches, has placed dozens of dwellings on the market for €1, or just over a dollar.

The deal is aimed at reviving a community that, like many other rural spots in Italy, has suffered from depopulation in recent years as residents move to bigger cities.

It's not the first Italian town to lure in outsiders with tempting offers but, say local officials, Sambuca is scrapping red tape to make

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So, you have owned your home in the Metro area for a number of years now in this wonderful Denver Market, and you have acquired a large amount of equity in your home. It is exciting, you made a wise investment, but you need to make a move -- whether you are looking for a move-up home, or the kids have grown and gone and it's time to downsize, your home just doesn’t fit your lifestyle anymore.

You want to move, but you hear about the cRaZy Colorado market and how it is hard to find that perfect net home.  And, you don’t want to sell your home and find yourself homeless!  I have the answer for you, introducing the Sellers Protection Program.  

Sellers Protection Program

It IS a Seller's market, so when listing your home we will ask that the

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Spring fever has come early for many Coloradans, with sunny days, warm weather, and even some flowers and trees starting to bud.

Get started on your spring cleaning and make your home stand out with a picture perfect yard! To make the most of the warm days as the state transitions from winter to spring, here are 7 ways that ReColorado recommends getting your home ready for the Spring + Summer months, especially if you are thinking about selling your Denver area property this year.

Between the interior spring cleaning, decorating, and the yardwork that has to be done, you’ll settle for mowed grass and clean floors by the time April rolls around.

Nearly 75 percent of Americans participate in some form of spring cleaning. The stats might not

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According to each state has its own preference on what is most important in a luxury home.

Lucky for us, the company did some digging into its internal data and broke down luxury home sales for 2017 by amenities, price point and room count for each listing in the U.S. over $1 million. The results? Well, they just might shock you.

Did you know luxury homes in Indiana are by far the largest — averaging over 9,289 square feet? Or that saunas are the most popular luxury home feature in Arizona?

Read on to see how your luxury listings stack up against the competition, and let us know what you think in the comments. We would love to hear if you agree with the findings!

Kicking off the research, lists the top five

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