The two things I love most after helping clients buy or sell a home here in Denver are 1 - helping people feel like they can call Denver "Home" and 2 - a place surrounded by friends to watch a football game.

As a transplant in 2010, I learned quickly that my NFL Team had several bars around Denver which I could go “find my people” on game days. I also found out recently that some people were unaware of this amazing culture our amazing city has to offer.

I thought I would save you some time better spent at the bar with friends - new or old - and compile an “updated” list to share - as I found out a season and even one game can make a difference.  

49er's - One list I found online said Icehouse.  After visiting there - I was told after last year they are no longer affiliated - and to check with Tavern Downtown.  The manager of Tavern Downtown did confirm they have a “watch party” series for the 49er’s… so don’t let the several flying Bronco’s flags fool you!

Bears - Hayter's & Co downtown (even the GM of Sports Column sent me there!) has got you covered and Wyman's in Cap Hill has all your Chicago area sports covered throughout the year.

Bengals - The hidden gem Sports Book ...serioulsy nooked in a corner.... in Wash Park has a "Bengal Room" fit for any fan - the manager even hung their brand new Bengals flag out back when we discussed the fact they open pretty early for the games.

Bills - You cannot walk by the downtown LoDo's location and not realize this is a Bills Bar.  They have taken over this bar since 1999! Back East Bar and Grill on 16th and Champa is also a great supporter of the Bills.

Bronco's - OK we are in Bronco Country so I feel there should be an entire blog just about this!  But I can confirm Sports Column and Tavern Downtown are great places to catch a game if you are unable to make it to the stadium!

Browns - I was able to get confirmation that - In the Denver Market the "Mile High Browns Backers" official bars in 2018 will be Stoney's Bar & Grill on Lincoln and Baker St Pub & Grill in DTC.  This came directly from an officer of the MHBB! This group has a FB page and a website too.

Chiefs - Don's Mixed Drinks on 6th serves up specials for the Chiefs fans on game days!

Cowboys - Verified by a bartender at Jackson's Downtown - they have your seat ready if you are a Cowboys fan.  A source I found online mentioned "The Spot" in Wash Park - this information was found to be false when a waiter designating it a "Bronco's Bar".

Dolphins - I joined the "Miami Dolphins Football Fan Page" on facebook as I could not find anything anywhere! Someone who has lived here 15 years doesn't even know of a fan bar - but my post created 17 likes and 15+ comments and I think started the conversation of like minded fans getting together and finding a bar that suits their needs!

Eagles - Larimer Beer Hall may have only been established in 2016 - but it is proud to fly an Eagles flag on Sundays! Asbury Provisions in the DU area if full of Eagles fans - and NOT because they just won the latest Superbowl.

Falcons - Although one of the owners is from Boston - bird fans can all “Rise Up!” at the Fainting Goat on Broadway.

Giants - New York fans can feel like home at the Tavern Platt Park - a “Giant” bar for sure.

Lions - The Candlelight Tavern in Wash Park is considered a Lions bar - and I’ve heard they have really excellent cheeseburgers - who would have guessed!

Packers - Go Pack Go can be heard through the doors of Swanky's downtown - any time of year.  You can also hammer a nail into a large map of Wisconsin at Wally's Wisconsin Tavern near Larimer Square. Stoney’s also has this team on their Sunday Funday line-up.

Panthers - Shelby's on 18th is said to be a Panther's bar - a true downtown Denver neighborhood dive.

Patriots - The tailgate room at Blake Street Tavern is full of Pat's fans on any given game day.  Three Dog's Tavern in the Highlands, Pour House near Larimer Square and The Elm on Colfax support New England too.

Raiders - Last year, I watched a Bronco’s game at the Tavern Downtown.  I asked if they sponsored any teams. They said mostly Bronco’s (understandable).  My server said that Cowboy Lounge (connected to Tavern) used to be a Raiders bar - but when the Raiders played the Broncos a few weeks ago - the Raiders fans were so rude to disrespectful to their own team bar that they no longer are affiliated. This was confirmed with the Tavern manager this year.

Ravens - Chopper’s in Cherry Creek is confirmed as a Ravens bar via one of the bartenders.  Several lists I found online listed Choppers for all teams that did not have a designated bar - and they do have the NFL Ticket - but mostly Ravens and Broncos fans will be present.

Saints - Stoney’s has a “fleur de lis” on the outside - showing it support for the Saints.  Bayou Bobs is known for serving delicious “creole” food while the game is on.  I went to Sam’s #3 and asked if they were a Saints bar as I found it in my research - they said no, they are a Bronco’s bar - but they do have the NFL ticket, so will play a variety of games this season.

Seahawks - Blake Street Tavern shares their large facility with Seahawks fans (last year they had pretty amazing shirts to buy.)  Rhein Haus near Larimer Square says they are a Seahawks bar also - but support overflow for Packers games and when asked why they didn't have any Seahawks memorabilia, I was told they are a "German Bar".

Steelers - Jackson's in LoDo is the place for the Steelers fans. Society on Blake St will also host some Steelers watch parties.

Texans - A large Texas flag was soaring near the “whiskey” bar sign - but I still had to ask if Society was a Texans bar.  I was able to talk to the owner, who moved here 5 years ago. We compared notes on most of the other teams/bars too!

Vikings - Cap City Tavern had their Huskers flag flying outside - but inside confirmed that they are definitely a Vikings bar!

The following teams could not be verified by having a designated bar:  Buccaneers, Cardinals, Chargers, Colts, Jags, Jets, Rams, Redskins and Titans.

The information above has taken weeks of research and verification -  and yet as you can see - I still was not able to nail some teams down! If you know of any additional NFL team/bar affiliates please leave a comment or contact me at or 303-704-3045.  

I would love to share any additional knowledge across this city for people calling Denver “home” or for the traveler that wants to enjoy all Denver has to offer. I’ve created a video set to music you can find on my instagram @emilysellsdenver. This is also where I will be holding contests and fun pictures throughout the entire season. Let the games begin!  


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