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Fashion girls swoon for the 2019 style forecast. But for us home-obsessed, it's all about trends for interiors.

Which is why Etsy's 2019 Trends Report piqued our interest. The e-tailer scoured through their search and purchase data and determined that 2019 will be all about warm, rusty oranges across textiles paint, and accessories. "We’re calling it now: burnt orange is about to be everywhere," says Etsy trend expert, Dayna Isom Johnson. "While millennial pink and ultraviolet are still having their respective moments, I’m excited to see this earthy tone take over...This desert-inspired hue is grounding (yet refreshing) and unapologetically natural—exactly what we need in 2019!"

Orange can be a controversial color (hello,

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You thought 'hygge' was hard to pronounce? Good luck with this one.

The Danish lifestyle craze of hygge took the world by storm in 2016. And in the years since? Well, it feels like every cold, dark country (see: Sweden with lagom, Scotland with còsagach) is trying to rebrand their crappy weather as a lifestyle trend. 

Cwch, as described by PureWow, basically is hygge, but more specifically for your home. 

A cwtch (pronunciation: kutch) is in essence a small and cozy space meant for cuddling up in. (The Welsh root of the word is 'cubbyhole'.) Think: A den corner turned cushy-cozy reading nook; a canopy bed piled in exorbitant amounts of pillows). Applied in the broader sense, it's really just the art of crafting intimacy-invoking,

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A home in need of repairs may not be much to look at, but that should not stop you from taking a second glance.

There are many things you can do to increase its value and make it the home you’ve always wanted. If you’re considering a new home that needs considerable renovations, keep reading. 

Things to overlook:

When you think of a fixer-upper property, your thoughts may first go to damaged floors, a leaky roof, and busted gas lines. While those sorts of issues are possible, there are more common issues you are likely to encounter, many of which are also the easiest to fix and the best to overlook.

Cosmetic imperfections

A typical home inspection won’t even mention dirty carpets or torn curtains. These cosmetic imperfections aren’t

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This simple tip makes any room feel instantly elevated.

When you want any interior to feel comfy and liveable, a rug is an absolute must. The right style of floor covering can make a small room look bigger, a big room look cozier, and overall, tie everything together. But sometimes, a single rug isn’t enough—in fact, layering several rugs can elevate your space even more.

Depending on what kinds of rugs you opt for, as well as your precise layering technique, this styling tip can bring dimension to a particularly boxy space, in addition to dividing a room into sections that make sense. If you want to add some intrigue to your interior in an unexpected way, this simple trick can have a major impact with little effort required.

See 3 simple

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Many homeowners mistakenly believe they will get a greater return on home upgrades that bring their historic property into the 21st century.

While this is true to some degree, there are certain upgrades that downgrade a historic home’s value. Keep reading for more insight on the process and how to save yourself headaches and heartaches along the way. 

Before you begin

Before you start hacking away at your home -- and potentially cause damage -- double check with your local building codes department to see if there are any specific rehabilitation or restoration standards that you must abide by. Once you have this information, contact a local home inspector to help you identify any potential issues with the structure. These two quick steps

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It's that spooky time of year again, and while ghouls and ghosts are typically reserved for Halloween night, there's a segment of the population that has haunting experiences year-round.

Is this a concern for homebuyers? According to realtor.com®'s new Haunted Real Estate Report, which surveyed 1,067 people across the U.S., haunted homes are not completely off the table, but there are added stipulations.

What's enough to make them forget about the property's sinister reputation? For a third of respondents, all of whom would take a chance on a haunted house, a price reduction (15 percent), or a larger kitchen or better neighborhood (9 percent), could be incentive enough. Meanwhile, 18 percent of surveyed individuals are brave souls, claiming the

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Scandinavian style design is one of the top trends right now, with bright whites and a minimalist attitude. But it isn't strictly the design that draws us to the region, it's also their ever-present sense of cleanliness.

Here are a few things that set Scandinavian homes apart from the rest in terms of cleaning and organization...

1. The shoes stay at the door

When you think about all of the things we drag in from the outdoors, it's obvious why homes with a new shoes policy are cleaner than average.

2. Lighting is everything

In these northern regions where Scandinavian styles originated, winters are long and dark. Because of this, bright lights are popular and act as an escape from dark winters. Bright whites and lights make the space

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Check out these home features that often inspire sellers to jack up their price. That's fine if you truly want these things, but if not? You're wasting your money.

1) A huge yard that you rarely enjoy

A sprawling green lawn may have a certain curb appeal at first sight. And if you have kids or plan to spend a lot of time outdoors, it's a fine feature to splurge on. But if you doubt anyone will be out there much, you're just tossing money out the window. Plus, it'll end up costing you more to maintain. 

2. A short commute you won't use

If you work from home, commute at off-hours, work in the suburbs, or are retired, don't pay extra to buy a house near mass transit, or within easy driving distance of major office areas—those are homes that

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Bored of your plain white walls? But not really feeling Millennial Pink?

Then get hip with the color forecast for 2019, friends.

PPG recently announced their color of the year—a blue-tinged emerald called Nightwatch.

Photo courtesy of Elle Decor.

Photo courtesy of Domino.

Behr recently announced Blueprint S470-5 as their hue du jour (available exclusively at Home Depot). In a company statement, Behr described the color as "warmer than denim and softer than navy," and signifying "authenticity, confidence and timelessness."

Yup—another cool spectrum jewel tone has officially been dubbed a color of the year for 2019. ICYMI: Lush, bold greens and blues are huge for paint color right now, particularly in the kitchen.

What do we

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Whether it makes sense or not, the names and identifiers of our American communities and housing developments often say more about the people living there than we might realize.

A study done by Porch analyzes what's in a name, and the correlation between neighborhood name, housing prices, and average income. 

In some cases, the way a particular neighborhood is branded can be a direct response to how a community has changed over time, or it can help people feel a sense of connectedness or identity with the area in which they live. In 2016, census data determined the average household income in America was just over $59,000, only slightly above where it was in 2000. Of course, where you live in the U.S. and how old you are might also play a part

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