Open House Etiquette

Posted by on Thursday, July 5th, 2018 at 5:53pm.

At West + Main, we LOVE Open Houses. We truly enjoy showing off our clients’ beautiful homes and seeing all your shiny faces as you walk through. Open Houses are a way for us to showcase what’s for sale as well as introduce ourselves to you and hopefully meet some new neighbors and friends.

Whether you are an Open House junkie or a first time home buyer starting the circuit for the first time, we have some Do’s and Don’ts we’ve assembled to help all of us have a pleasant and dignified open house experience:


  • Take off your shoes if asked, or use booties if they’re provided. It’s just nice!
  • Sign in. This is important for our security as agents and protection for the homeowner/seller.
  • Ask questions. We love your questions!
  • Take one of our business cards. You might have questions later.
  • Keep an eye on your kids. Please. We think they’re precious and want them to stay safe.
  • Eat the cookies!! We made them just for you.
  • Be up front about having a Realtor. If you already have an agent, great! We can provide you with the awesome information they will need to help you write an offer.


  • Use the bathroom. Seriously, if you are visiting someone else’s home during an open house when a dozen other people are coming in and out, simply wait to get to your next venue to use the bathroom. A lot of homes on the market are already vacant and don’t even have toilet paper. So either wait, or at the very least, refrain from using a bootie to wipe (this really happened at a fellow agents’ open house).
  • Don’t go through the drawers. This isn’t your house (yet), and that's just rude.
  • Don’t steal. Yeah, this is a thing. If you see a Bluetooth speaker, meds, jewelry, or something else you just have to get your hands on, please leave before you make a mistake that might be caught on the homeowner’s security camera!

As you can see, there are more DOs than DON’Ts. Ultimately, it’s pretty simple - just remember the Golden Rule. We appreciate the time you take to check out our Open Houses and we look forward to seeing you soon!



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