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Men have their man caves, and now women are getting their own special spot: She Sheds.

The idea, which has been gaining steam across Pinterest as the weather warms up, is that women transform backyard sheds into a hideaway where they can escape the daily grind. And for several women, the escape is making a major difference.

Sandra Foster created a She Shed in New York’s Catskills mountains. She uses the shed, which has a sofa, books and even a loft with a bed, to escape the pressure and stress of work, and to get space from her husband when it’s needed.

“I did it to save my marriage and recharge my life,” Foster told TODAY Home.

Considering developing your own She Shed? Victoria Smith, San Francisco-based blogger behind the interior design…

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It's easy to incorporate fresh trends into your home's decor

Choose one or several of these popular styles.

2017 is full of new ideas and trends in clothing, ideas, and decor, but it also has embraced the revival of many trends. You could call this year "the mixing pot of style". When selling your home you want it be appealing to buyers, or if you just need to redecorate; the trends of 2017 can help you. 

Unique Paint

According to celebrity interior designer Martyn Lawrence-Bullard, green is “strong again.” From lime green to emerald, the hue works throughout the home—whether it’s as a wall color or a room-filling rug. If you’re not too keen on the idea of using green in large doses, Lawrence-Bullard has a suggestion: “Add really fun…

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Whether you're closing down your fireplace for spring or simply never use it, that hole in the wall need not be wasted. Below is a handful of functional ways you can make use of your fireplace in the off-season.

Find a graphic screen 

If you want to cover your fireplace, there are tons of fireplace screens with interesting, unique prints. Choose one that supports or embellishes your design scheme and turn that unused fireplace into a piece of art.

Add shelves

If you will truly never use your fireplace again, build shelving into the back of your fireplace to display photos, art, books and the like.

Book nook

If you don’t want to build shelves, or if you do plan to use the fireplace again come winter, you can still use this section of…

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