The Realist's Guide to Denver Real Estate, According to 5280

Posted by on Friday, May 11th, 2018 at 6:48am.

The Realist's Guide to Denver Real Estate 

I've been patiently awaiting my May issue of 5280 Magazine because they always do a big feature on real estate this month.

Last year, their reporting blew me away and I have every new client read this article before I even meet with them. The gist of the story this year is "... desperate protagonists resigning themselves to paying more than expected for a house that - because it's smaller, or in a dicier zip code, or less quaint than the house they envisioned  - definitely the home of their dreams."

It dawns on me, this frustrating market is all I know. I'm now a professional at helping people find that compromise, boost their budget by considering roommate, and looking at the tax benefits that they will see in April. It's not all as desperate as they make it out to be. I'm overjoyed as I see those dicier neighborhoods revitalized. A smaller house can be a blessing if it means you can live a simpler life with less stuff and spend more of your time enjoying camping and hiking. The big benefit that I'm finally starting to experience - my clients who bought 2-4 years ago are now starting to sell.

While they have been out camping, getting married, and enjoying all the new restaurants in Denver their homes have appreciated significantly; giving them a leg up on their counterparts who have been renting. You will find an article "The House that Love Built" in this year's issue. It taught me "wabi sabi" the art of embracing imperfection.

Like the author, I see my clients fall in love with their home and all it's imperfections after fighting hard for the honor of owning a place they can call their own.

Access the entire issue.

If you would like to meet up, or hear more about how I've helped my clients make smart moves and investments in Denver's hot market for the last several years, contact me.

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