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Denver Westsiders can now get a city-funded boost to build wee homes next to their big homes.

The City Council OK’d half-a-million dollars to help people build ADUs.

The Denver City Council signed off on an agreement Monday that provides $500,000 for westside residents to build guest homes on their property.

Accessory dwelling units, also known as granny flats, are smaller homes built next to bigger ones. Owners can lease them out (or live inside while renting out the main house). ADUs give people a new way to make money and can temper displacement wrought by gentrification, city staffers say. They also encourage multigenerational living.

City planners want to see more accessory dwelling units, but they’re expensive — more than $200,000

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After piling in when the market was hot, investors are facing losses from homes that take too long to sell.

Sean Pan wanted to be rich, and his day job as an aeronautical engineer wasn’t cutting it. So at 27 he started a side gig flipping houses in the booming San Francisco Bay Area. He was hooked after making $300,000 on his first deal. That was two years ago. Now home sales are plunging. One property in Sunnyvale, near Apple Inc.’s headquarters, left Pan and his partners with a $400,000 loss. “I ate it so hard,” he says.

A new crop of flippers, inspired by HGTV reality shows, real estate meetup groups, and get-rich gurus, piled into the market in recent years as rapid price gains helped the last property crash fade from memory. Many newbie

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2019 is an odd numbered year and that means new tax assessments.  

Notice of Valuations for all properties, except personal property, are sent out May 1st, so you should have already received yours. As Colorado homeowners are receiving their new Tax Assessments, many are surprised that the value of their home - and their new tax assessment - has increased drastically since 2017.

How is Property Tax Calculated?

The calculation of property tax is: Market Value of Property x Assessment Rate x Mill Levy = Property Tax

The most subjective part of this process is determining the properties “Market Value”.  

The tax assessor’s office will look at market sales over the past 2 years in calculating the Market Value of the property.  For 2019 the sales

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Where is housing headed in the Denver Metro Area?

Although of course she doesn't claim to have a magic crystal ball, Megan Aller of First American Title and A Girl and Her Graphs dug deep into the data this month to make some predictions:

Based on previous years in this cycle (2013-2018) the values in these Housing Heat Maps represent the best times to be in the market in 2019. 

(Yellow represents a Seller's Opportunity, and Blue represents a Buyer's Opportunity.)

The market is likely to favor those sellers who are ready to take advantage of early buyer activity. 

Sellers late to the market in the summer months are more likely to spend longer on the market, make price reductions and sell at lower prices than spring sellers.

Buyers are most

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Metro Denver’s apartment market got off to a strong start this year, as tenants absorbed all the units that hit the market and then some, pushing up rents and driving down vacancies.

According to the Denver Post, Developers delivered a robust 3,959 new units in the first quarter and tenants absorbed an “impressive” 5,552 net units, according to the Denver Metro Apartment Vacancy and Rent from the University of Denver and the Apartment Association of Metro Denver.

That strong demand pushed the vacancy rate down to 5.4 percent from 5.8 percent in the fourth quarter. It also pushed the average rent up to $1,480.74 a month, which is $24.65 higher than the average in the fourth quarter and $60.44 higher a month than the average rent a year ago.

“I am

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Celebrate the opening of the G Line with a party and lots of deals

Olde Town Arvada is hosting a grand opening party Saturday. Many restaurants and retailers are also offering freebies and discounts.
Following years of delays, the G Line will finally open later this week with a lot of fun and fanfare planned.

The G Line, which runs between Denver and Wheat Ridge, is scheduled to open Friday morning after more than two years of delays. To celebrate the milestone, Olde Town Arvada is hosting a party and businesses are offering deals and discounts. 

The G Line Grand Opening Party kicks off at 10 a.m. and runs through 6 p.m. It will feature live music performances throughout Olde Town, kids' activities in Olde

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In March, the number of new residential listings (single-family and condos) was up 21.75 percent from February, and buyers liked what they saw, with the number of homes going under contract increasing 27.39 percent from the month prior, an increase of 4.27 percent year over year.

“When more homes go under contract than come on the market, it begins to chip away at the surplus inventory that built up in the last half of 2018,” said Jill Schafer, Chair of the DMAR Market Trends Committee and Metro Denver REALTOR®. “While buyers are starting to push back on sellers’ list prices, they still have to put their best foot forward because, comparatively speaking, there’s not a lot of inventory to choose from.”

According to Schafer, while it’s not likely that

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After well over two years since its scheduled launch, the Regional Transportation District’s delayed G Line between Denver and Arvada finally has an opening date.

The commuter rail line will start operating on Friday, April 26, according to Denverite.

RTD General Manager and CEO Dave Genova made the announcement at a press conference Monday. 

The transit agency received the final green lights from state and federal regulators late last week. Like the A and B lines, the G Line has suffered from software glitches related to safety tech known as “positive train control.”

But the Federal Railroad Administration and the Colorado Public Utilities Commission have deemed the commuter rail safe enough to operate. Software updates are on their way

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Big equity gains may explain why people aren’t staying around as long

Out of the 50 largest metros in the country, metro Denver residents stayed in their homes the fifth shortest amount of time on average, according to a new study from LendingTree, an online mortgage brokerage.

Metro Denver homeowners sit on their abodes an average of 6.63 years, according to the study, which is based on the latest American Community Survey put out by the U.S. Census Bureau. That average includes all the stalwarts who have stayed put 50 or 60 years. So the households that do move around are probably spending less time than that average in one place.

Only owners in Las Vegas at 6.36 years; Phoenix at 6.43 years; Austin, Texas at 6.49 years; and Orlando at 6.59

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Living on the same property, whether in a granny suite or under the same roof, has gained popularity.

Multigenerational housing, which consists of two or more adult generations, 25 years or older, in one household has risen to a record 64 million people in 2016, according to a Pew Research Center analysis of census data. This is a 23 percent increase from 2009, when 52 million people lived in multigenerational housing. The trend has been on the rise since the 1970s.

The reasons can be attributed to a number of things, says Domonique Rodriguez with Berkshire Hathaway in Ventura, California. Among them:

  • A shortage of affordable housing.
  • Wage stagnation.
  • Adult children wanting to care for their parents.
  • Grandparents helping out with
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