Realtor/Broker Associate

Doug Yetman

Doug Yetman, Realtor/Broker Associate

Doug will work tirelessly to effectively and smoothly help you buy or sell your next home, and. he will ensure that you are in the best position to navigate Denver’s real-estate market. You can always count on Doug to listen, communicate regularly, operate with complete integrity and put your interests first!

Doug is originally from Lawrence, Kansas and spent most of his younger days in the Midwest. Doug left his Midwest roots behind in the summer of 2007 moving “home” to Denver. Since then: a lovely wife, three amazing kids, wonderful home, thriving family business (The Horseshoe Market), community and a love affair with this wonderful city!

Doug has been intimately involved with real estate as a customer, purchasing a home with his wife, renovating that home, selling that house and purchasing a new one as their family grew. All along the way there have been renovations, remodels and thousands of DIY projects. Bottom line, Doug knows the challenge and excitement of finding, improving and caring for your perfect HOME!

Office Phone Number: 720-301-4293

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