Realtor, Broker Associate

Emily Hayduk

Emily Hayduk, Realtor, Broker Associate

I started my career in real estate in 2006 because I wanted to have a flexible job. I knew I wanted my career to never change when I saw the look on one of my first clients’ faces when their six year-old son got to choose which room would be his in their new, larger home. Closing just days before Christmas with those clients, knowing they would be waking up to Santa with their family gathered in their new living room, I realized this was more than a career. I was helping to create memories. It may sound cheesy, but it is true. I grew up in the mountains of Colorado in the (not-so-small-anymore) community of Glenwood Springs. While I don’t always love the snow and cold (unless hot chocolate and a fire are involved, and maybe some Christmas lights), I love this state and am so thankful that I got to grow up surrounded by nature and beauty. I remember coming to Denver as a child to shop, and I remember when downtown wasn’t such a fun place to get lost. It has been an exciting evolution to watch Denver transform into the cool and real city that it is today. I’m really proud to tell people when I am traveling that I am from Denver, it makes me feel so good to know that others want to move here, and I feel lucky to call it home. I am a joy seeker in work and in life. I work with real people who need a place to live their real lives, just like I do. Real estate is my profession and being a mom is my full-time job. Lexie is my three-year old daughter and most awesome real estate assistant on Earth. Working with me you will know up-front that this mini assistant may often accompany me on showings and most definitely be in the background while I am on the phone. She is my most precious advisor and the reason I seek joy each day. I have been an avid traveler my entire life - starting with family car trips across the country as a young child - to international traveling in my young adulthood. After having Lexie, that hasn't stopped! We love to get on the road or in a plane - the kiddo got her passport at just six months old. And as much as I love to travel, coming home is an extra special feeling you can't get anywhere else. We hope that you’ll want to seek joy with us in finding your happily ever after home! Finding a place to call home should be fun—after all, it is where your memories will be made, your tears shed, your joy fulfilled, and your barbeques had! While the process of buying or selling can be daunting, the road to closing doesn't have to be scary if you have the help of a professional who sees homes every day and understands the market inside and out. The fact is, it doesn't matter if you are buying your first or fifth home, have a budget of $100,000 or $1,000,000, a home is not a small investment. You will need someone to help you navigate the market and understand value. And if you are selling, you can't just post some photos on the internet and say some prayers. Selling a home takes an agent who can be honest about pricing and showing condition. Someone who can guide you from pre-market, to day one in the listings,to accepting an offer, to the closing table. I am never going to set your expectations too high, but I will likely always blow your expectations out of the water. I am a dedicated professional who works with real people to create sound investments. Your investment is my top priority. Whether it is a home to raise your family, a place to watch your dogs run in the yard, or a property to sell for a profit when you are ready to move on, I have got your back. I have been a Realtor for thirteen years. I don't have a side job—this is my career and my passion. And I promise, since I do this every day, I want to have fun too! See how buying or selling a home can be enjoyable! So please, contact me with any questions! Just like your teacher told you in school—there are no stupid questions. Ask away, and I will answer them all!

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