Realtor, Broker Associate

Robert Francis

Robert Francis, Realtor, Broker Associate
Prior to becoming a real estate agent I spent 11 years working for a home builder on the financial side forming a unique blend of builder, mortgage & credit knowledge. My interest in real estate stems from childhood when my baby sitter DIDI and I would spend hours watching the real estate listings channel, absorbing listing information for local homes for sale in the Chicago 'burbs accompanied by a never-ending stream of elevator music. By the time I was seven, I could tell you why a 3 bed/2 bath duplex in Aurora, IL was priced $10K too high. That "pastime" combined with my gapped chompers and rat tail and it's a wonder I made it to adulthood. 

My approach as an agent is to absolutely ensure my clients are getting what is best for them. I realize selecting an agent requires a leap of faith, which isn't lost on me and will never be taken for granted. I believe in accountability and earning trust and I'll reciprocate by being an advocate for and fighting for each and every one of my buyers. With a total of 15 years spent in Colorado from Littleton to Fort Collins, I've amassed many connections in many industries and look forward to helping to increase the number of happy home owners in the nation's best state for years to come.

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