Now is the time to work on your lawn to make sure it is on point next season. Here are five things you can do to completely transform your lawn.

1) Shorter isn't necessarily better
If you set your lawn mower to cut your grass too short, you risk exposing the base of the plants to excess drying from the sun.  The taller grass blades shade both the plants and the soil.

2) Core aeration is your best friend
Colorado soils are routinely heavy and compacted.  A deep core aeration can be especially helpful in opening up those soils.  Getting your lawn aerated in the spring AND fall allows water and air to penetrate, which plants love!

3) Fertilize

The openings left by the core aeration set up excellent conditions to feed your lawn and your soil. Experts say the fall fertilization is the most important of the season.  The boost of nutrients beefs up your lawn’s stored energy as it goes dormant.  The lawn will pay you back by responding with vigor next spring.

4) Add humic acid 
Adding humic acid after fertilization can free up nutrients in the soil to make them more available to the plants.

5) Make the repairs now
When the heat from the summer is gone, sod over bare patches so that when spring comes, your lawn is looking pristine.

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