There are many reasons that staging your home can help you sell faster. It not only allows the buyer to see themselves living in the home, but it also gives them a better impression of the place, making it stand out among the rest.

That’s why it’s important to know how to properly stage your home to sell faster and possibly for more money. In this blog, we will highlight the top 7 staging tips that can make your home irresistible to buyers.

Staging Tips to Make Your Home Irresistible

  1. Mirrors! Mirrors reflect light and can help make a room look bigger, which is a huge plus. They are also impersonal. Head to a home store, get a couple of mirrors and place them in a dark spot and/or a small room. 

    staging tips

    I love the large mirror here in this entryway. Take it away and the room feels smaller. Also note the neutrals and plants... (Photo Source)

  2. De-Personalize. This is the opposite of what I tell my design clients. You are trying to help a stranger with a (potentially) limited imagination, to envision their life inside the house. Don't think of it as YOUR house anymore - try to emotionally separate yourself and think of it as an investment property.

    staging a home

    Take out your family photos, trinkets from vacations, self-help books and all the other things that normal people have lying around. You don't want the potential buyer to think much at all about who has lived in this home. You want them to think about how they will live in the home. (Photo Source)

  1. De-Clutter. This goes hand in hand with the above tip. People are trying to envision their life in your home. Your clutter will make them think that their stuff won't fit into the home. Clutter looks contagious.


    home staging

    The sellers left whole shelves empty at this house. Clearly, no one really lives this way, but it sells the concept of this room. (Photo Source)

  1. Clean Your Closets! You've taken out the personal art, belongings and clutter, and you may be tempted to stack these things into the hall closet. Step away from the closet and take this stuff out of the house. Store the personal items and other clutter that comes with daily living in a storage unit or at a friend's place. Potential buyers always open closets. You want it to seem like they will have more than enough room for their towels and collection of hotel soaps.

    tips to staging

    You don't need to clean everything out, like this closet, but removing the bulk of things would help immensely. You want the buyers to think that they will have plenty of storage room for their things. (Photo Source)

  1. Deep Clean. A must. If you don't want to do it, hire someone. Think sparkling and go for a clean that says no one has ever spilled anything on these floors, no pet has ever shed on this carpeting and no child has ever touched the walls with sticky hands.

  1. Lighting. Not everyone is able to do this step - but if you can, turn on the lights in your home before the buyer enters. Think lamps, floor lamps, and overhead lights on a dimmer. You're looking for a dinner party atmosphere, not a visit to Costco.

  1. Update Your Bedding. The largest piece of furniture in a bedroom is the bed. Update the linens - think soothing, neutral and new.

    stage your home

    This bedroom has been staged to sell. Also, notice the fresh white towels in the other room. Bathrooms show well with new white towels. (Photo Source)

 Start thinking about the home you want to sell as your investment property and not your “home.”  Try to take things out that are personal and specific to you and your family, get your home sparkling and clean and your house will be sold before you can freshen up those flowers you’ve set out on the table.

This blog was contributed by Denver Interior Designer Laura Medicus of Laura Medicus Interiors and the author of Colorado Nest, a Denver design blog.   

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