The buying habits of millennials, naturally, have a way of attracting attention.

Shops have become wise to the growing number of novice green thumbs. “This has caught on,” Carter says. “The nurseries have figured this out, the hardware stores have figured this out.”

Read all about this hot + growing trend in the Denver Post.

And it's not just succulents that are taking up space in both homes and hearts these days. We did a little digging, and found a ton or resources and articles about the popularity of houseplants right now.

Apartment Therapy has this great list of 8 houseplants that can survive in even the most urban of apartments, including this one:

(Image credit: The Sill)

ZZ Plant

Best for: Low-light apartments

Top Qualities:

  • Can survive low light levels, even in a dim apartment.
  • It's drought-tolerant, thanks to large succulent rhizomes located underneath the surface of the soil that store water for the plant during times of drought (aka, plant neglect).
  • Native to eastern Africa, this plant thrives in a dry, stable environment.
  • Grows horizontally (so it won't collide with your low ceiling).
See the rest of their list.

And we also found this fun article on the Independent, titled Millennials are Obsessed with Houseplants Because They Can't Afford Kids.

Here's an excerpt:

In the US, the 2016 National Gardening Report found that of the six million Americans new to gardening, five million of those were aged between 18 to 34. Pantone a declaring Greenery as its colour for 2017 was just another sign of the trend for all things natural.

Since most landlords don’t allow pets, houseplants let us millennials have a go at caring for something other than ourselves - which, honestly, we tend to struggle with. They add personality to our rented homes without the risk of losing our deposits. Towering cacti and cheese plants fake green spaces that we can’t afford in major cities like London. It also helps that my generation is obsessed with health and well-being, as greenery is proven to boost mental health and improve air quality. And, at the most basic level, plants just look really, really cool. 

Catherine Cottney, global trends manager at the forecasting agency Mintel, adds that our green fingers are also a reaction to our digitally-led lives. 

“Tending to a plant gives millennials a chance to take a break from their screens and connect with something tangible in the ‘real world’. This is an issue discussed in Mintel's Trend Objectify, which looks at how consumers are elevating the value of physical goods in an increasingly digital world. Although not quite as cuddly, plants offer a relationship of sorts, as well as a sense of achievement, as sustained care and attention can help seedlings transform into bigger blooms."

Read the rest of the article.

Well, we admit it...we're now obsessed with houseplants, too, so we created a Pinterest board to feed our new houseplant habit. Check it out:

Sources for Houseplants in the Denver area:


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