There is really nothing more depressing than looking at a house between Thanksgiving and New Year’s that doesn’t have at least a little holiday vibe happening.

Picture this: a Buyer goes to an Open House where a Santa-filled playlist is quietly celebrating the season, along with cinnamon sticks and cloves simmering on the stove. A cheerful tree fills the corner by the fireplace, where the warm glow of burning logs flickers beneath a row of carefully hung stockings. Frosted cookies shaped like snowmen and steamy mugs of hot cocoa are served + enjoyed by potential homebuyers and curious neighbors...and it feels like a Hallmark movie just waiting to happen.

And then: that same buyer follows the Open House signs to your property, which you’ve carefully prepared for sale. You’ve followed all of the advice, you’ve deep-cleaned, and touched up paint, de-cluttered and de-personalized, staged and spit-shined. The buyer walks in, and it’s a little chilly, because it’s just started to snow. They rub their arms and stomp their feet, and start to look around. It smells polish and windex. The living room is spacious enough, and the kitchen sparkling clean, but by now they are wishing they had taken some of that yummy hot cocoa to-go. Instead of picturing themselves roasting a turkey on Christmas Eve, or throwing that big New Year’s Eve party, they’re wondering where the tree would go, if there was one.

‘Tis the Season.

In Denver, and in fact all over Colorado, Homes that show well and are priced appropriately are continuing to generate multiple offers in the first few days on the market. Which means, even if you are selling during the holidays, that your property will likely attract a buyer very quickly.

So, even if your home is prepared for sale while you’re celebrating a Winter holiday, you’re likely to find the perfect buyer who loves your home...twinkly lights and ornaments, menorahs and dreidels, and even Krampus decor and all! (Ok, maybe keeping Krampus out is going a little too far...)

Wondering where to draw the line while decorating your home while it’s on the market?

Here are a few tips from West + Main agents:

“Keep it simple. Stick with a limited color palette and use it throughout the home. I love small white lights and just one or two types of ornaments. There is no need to hang every kindergarten craft project or keepsake ornament on the tree, which can sometimes look cluttered and distracting.”

“Follow what’s trending. Even if Grandma passed down a lovely nativity set, a vintage train track and an angel collection, look at store displays and on Pinterest to see what’s popular this year instead. My holiday decorating obsession for 2017 is inspired by Joanna Gaines’ Hearth + Hand line for Target. It’s modern and traditional all at the same time, and it will make any home feel warm + cozy, not tacky + cluttered.”

“Don’t forget the outside. If people are driving around looking at light displays and there is a For Sale sign in the yard, they are more likely to notice it if the home is tastefully decorated with twinkling lights and a seasonal wreath.”

We put together a Holiday Decorating Pinterest Board, in case you need a little inspiration or motivation to embrace the Holiday spirit.

We would love to help you list your Denver area home over the holidays, or any time of year. If you are thinking about making a move, please contact us. Posted by West + Main Homes on
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