From a Hobbit home, to a cabin with a personal hot spring

Even if you’ve lived in the state your whole life, odds are you haven’t truly experienced what it’s like to live in all of Colorado’s wonderfully varied environs. While you’re probably grateful that you haven’t spent a month living in the Englewood Chuck E. Cheese, there are oodles of weekend destinations in the state that could enrich your perspective on living here.

What’s it like to wake up in a 19th-century mining cabin next to a private hot spring, for example? Or in a tiny home fashioned after the Hobbit houses in “The Lord of the Rings”? These are important questions, and we found some answers.

Here the 5 most interesting cabins for rent in Colorado:

Wee House

Everything you need for a cabin vacation is packed into a small space at Wee Casa in Lyons. (Provided by Wee Casa)

If you’ve held a soft spot for those cozy Hobbit neighborhoods in “The Lord of the Rings,” consider packing a bindle and hiking up to Lyons this summer. The homes in the Wee Casa community are humble — they range from 135-365 square feet — but like the folks of the Shire, they’re big on personality. If you think we’re playing this Frodo stuff up too much, one of the property’s homes is literally called the Hobbit Home. It’s outfitted with a circular door and a knotty, wooden interior. If Hobbits don’t do it for you, check out one of the other 22 uniquely-designed homes in the village, just a stroll away from just about everything in Lyons.

501 W. Main St., Lyons, Weecasa up to four guests

More than a cozy cabin

If you’re looking for a ritzy spot to crash during one of the Telluride music festivals — or spare no expense while you get away from it all — check out this 12-guest “cabin” in the mountains near Ophir. Set below the Palmyra and Silver Peak mountains, this home cuts a stunning figure in the wilderness, and is one of the few in the U.S. that’s perched 11,000 feet above sea level. It’s also probably one of the prettiest, boasting stain glass windows, gorgeous wooden construction and the kind of stonework that’d make the manliest of men weep with admiration. Imagine a tiny “Game of Thrones” inn, and you’ll have a good idea of what to expect.

In Ophir, Glampinghub; up to 12 guests, $963 per night, minimum two-night stay 

A hot spring to yourself

They say that happiness unshared can’t truly be called happiness. But a hot spring unshared? That’s a different story. In Buena Vista, there’s a restored 1800s log cabin that agrees. An updated wooden bridge takes you across Cottonwood Creek, which is feet away from the colorful, semi-modern homestead. But its other water feature is the real kicker: an odorless, infinity-pool-style hot spring nook. It’s inset with rocks gathered from the property for a rustic feel, and outfitted with Bluetooth speakers that are perfect for bumping TLC’s “Waterfalls” while watching the spring trickle off its edge. In the lounging community, we call that the best of both worlds.

In Buena Vista, Airbnb up to six guests, $350 per night

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